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MODEST HOPES: Homes and Stories of Toronto’s Workers 1820s-1920s
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MODEST HOPES: Homes and Stories of Toronto’s Workers 1820s-1920s

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After almost two years of research, writing and sketching, Don and his co-authour Leslie Valpy have just completed and submitted the manuscript for their book, Modest Hopes, to Dundurn Press. This passage below is from Chapter 1.

As our city evolves it is critically important to preserve and understand our community and the stories of the people who built the city. The physical form of their modest homes reflects this largely ignored part of the narrative. With this understanding can come value. The validation of these houses can in turn help to support their preservation and reuse. We hope that these stories will continue to be embedded in the city context and enrich the story of Toronto. Without value these various elements of the story of Toronto, the cottages, the mansions, the bridges, factories, public buildings and parks are vulnerable. So often it appears easier to demolish these structures, to rip those pages out of the Toronto history book than to edit and preserve them.

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